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Company valuation

If you are planning to sell or buy a company, or just want an estimation of your company’s valuation – we can help you with determining a fair value of the business. Knowing the value of an enterprise together with understanding the factors influencing it, as well as the trends and scope of these factors, is strategically important for the management and the owners.

We perform valuations using a variety of accepted and proven methods, providing insight from differing perspectives. Typically, we use in a combination the following company valuation methods:

  • Discounted cash flow (DCF) method;
  • Comparable transactions method;
  • Book value method;
  • Replacement value method.

We should note that while these valuation methods can be useful as a reference point, at the end of the day a company is worth what a buyer is ready to pay for it. There are a wide range of factors both on and off the balance sheet affecting the value of a company for a particular buyer.

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