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Restructuring of companies and strategic advisory services

When a cyclical downturn occurs in the economy or a specific industry, companies can find themselves with no easy solutions in sight. Resolving such complex and often urgent situations requires an advisor who can rapidly develop and assist the client to implement a restructuring plan. Sentio together with its contracted partners has the expertise to manage such situations.

We advise our clients in planning, analysing and executing strategic plans. Before helping to select a strategy, we carefully analyse clients’ business areas, strategies, financial results, competitors, risks and alternative solutions. In more detail, the service includes:

  • Carrying out company diagnosis;
  • Involvement of interim sector expertise and turnaround executives to support the existing leadership, if necessary;
  • Analysis of business and financial models, cost structures and performances;
  • Preparation of business restructuring plans and development plans of various projects or companies;
  • Assistance with negotiations with key stakeholders such as creditors, suppliers; customers and employees to win support and build confidence;
  • Assisting in attracting financial and strategic investors, if necessary.